Teledermatology Service

Teledermatology Advice

Teledermatology opinion now available within 48 hours at The Medical Chambers Kensington

Urgent appointments with a Consultant Dermatologist can be difficult to get. Now, using remote telediagnosis, already available in many hospitals around the world, Dr Veronique Bataille can offer a rapid diagnosis of skin lesions/moles as well as rashes in under 48 hours in the private sector.

The Medical Chambers Kensington is one of the first private clinics to offer private teledermatology consultations for patients who need urgent advice.

How does it work?

One of our trained nurses available Monday to Saturday will see you as soon as possible at the Medical Chambers Kensington. The nurse will take a clinical history and several photographs of your skin lesion or rash including images with a specially designed instrument called a dermatoscope which magnifies the images x 20.

The nurse will then use a secure medical web-based system called eDerma, which has been designed by dermatologists, to send this information to Dr Veronique Bataille who will assesses remotely your history and images within 48 hours. Your history and images will then be part of your medical records and will be kept on the secure server. The service is not suitable for lesions in sensitive areas and the rash or lesion have to be visible on the day of the visit.

Dr Bataille will then make recommendations using the clinical information and photographs. These recommendations are sent to you (and your GP unless you opt out). You will be told if you need a face to face follow up appointment, treatment or biopsy or if there is nothing to worry about with no further treatment needed. Prescriptions can also be arranged remotely if necessary or you can take the PDF recommendation to your GP who can prescribe the medication if necessary.

Dr Bataille has used teledermatology in her NHS practice for over 14 years.

We look forward to welcoming you to the eDerma Teledermatology service at the Medical Chambers Kensington if you require an urgent opinion on a skin lesion/mole or a rash. Just make an appointment with our nurses by contacting the clinic directly by email: or telephone on 0207-2444200.

The cost of the teledermatology consultation is 125 pounds and the follow up consultation at the Medical Chambers if needed is 125 pounds. Please note that this is not covered by most insurance companies but any ongoing medical care including biopsies if needed will be covered when you show Dr Bataille’s recommendation to your insurance company. 

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