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JA Newton and V Bataille. The Atypical Mole Syndrome- definition of phenotype. The epidemiology of melanoma, Vancouver. Editors Gallagher RP and Elwood JM. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Boston 1994.

V Bataille. Melanoma Screening Chapter. BMJ Evidenced Based Oncology. Eds Chris Williams, Vivien Bramwell, Xavier Bonfill, Jack Cuzick, John F Forbes, Robin Grant, David Guthrie, Malcolm Mason, Peter Simmonds, Arun D Singh, Rosalyn Weston and Hywell Williams. June 2003. BMJ Publishing Group 2003.

Skin cancer prevention, V del Marmol , V Bataille, M Trakatelli, C Ullrich , in Managing Skin Cancer Stockfleth E; Rosen T, Scumack, S (Eds), 2010, XIV, 226p, Springer Verlag, ISBN : 978-3-540-79346-5.

ABC of Skin Cancer – ISBN: 1444312502 – View Book

Managing Skin Cancer – ISBN: 354079347X – View Book

Prevention, Diagnosis, Referral and Management of Melanoma of the Skin – ISBN: 1860163017 – View Book

Academic Reviews

Dr Bataille’ medical reviews can be seen at

Melanoma The Practitioner Review – View Article.

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Media Appearances

New York Times: Having moles may mean younger skin cells. July 24th 2007

Daily Mail.. Vitamin D deficiencies blamed on our fear of sunshine. 9th August 2009

Sunday Times and The Australian. Our beauty spots and moles are more than skin deep. November 2010. – View

BBC News Health: Skin moles linked to delayed ageing. 22 November 2010 – View

Daily Mail, Why you should love your moles. 31 Jan 2012 – View

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