Genetics of Melanoma and Mole Mapping with FotoFinder

Dr Veronique Bataille has just published several articles on melanoma and continue her longstanding research interest in moles and skin cancer.

Dr Veronique Bataille offers Mole Mapping which is software from Fotofinder in Germany allowing for the documentation of all your moles with very detailed photographs called dermoscopy. These are magnified above 20 times. These photos are precisely mapped to your body so when you come back for follow up, the moles can be compared and the software finds them on each part of the body and allows to look for potential changes.

This is especially relevant for patients with a lot of naevi especially large ones called atypical naevi but also for patients with a family history of melanoma.


Acne and Reduced Ageing of the Skin

Dr Bataille is looking at the relationship between acne and reduced ageing especially in the skin. Her team at Kings College has confirmed that acne sufferers have longer telomeres and therefore appear to age more slowly than their peers. This is often visible many years after the acne has settled down. The research was published in a top American dermatology journal in September and was covered by the media.

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Arm mole count predicts skin cancer risk

Having more than 11 moles on one arm indicates a higher-than-average risk of skin cancer or melanoma, research suggests.

Dr Bataille appeared on the Radio 4 Today programme and the BBC News talking about a new tool that GP’s can use to gauge the potential risk of developing skin cancer.

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