Tele/Video Consultations

Dr Bataille is now using eDerma specialist dermatology software for tele/video consultations. She will no longer use any other platforms such Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

Dr Bataille will send an SMS text containing the word Pathpoint to your mobile phone with an invitation to join your tele/video consultation. The text will arrive at the time of the consultation. Bear in mind that sometime Dr Bataille can be delayed and therefore the link may appear in your messages 5 to 10 mins late. Please click on the link, choose browser option, allow camera and video access and join the meeting. 

If the camera or sound fail for some reason, please leave the meeting by clicking on the red hand and re-enter the meeting by again clicking on the link in the text

Dr Bataille will text you with a request to send her photos using a secure link before your consultation. This usually appears up to one hour before the consultation so it gives you time to attach the photos before the video-consultation. If is not necessary then ignore that message. Please click on the link, attach photos from your library/gallery and save and send. Please check that the upload has been successful by waiting for the green tick at the end of upload. All images and video-consultations are encrypted and are sent directly to your dossier on the Ederma software.

If you do not have a smart phone, please contact Megan, Dr Bataille’secretary who will let you know how the consultation can be organised. For all patients having a smart phone, eDerma will be the only way the consultation can be set up.

If you would like to send photographs ahead of your consultation please and you are concerned that you have not received the link, please email  who will send you the link in the same way. Please do not send photos by email to The Medical Chambers Kensington or to Dr Bataille’s email or phone as it is not safe.

Dr Bataille needs to understand where on your body a rash or lesion is located, so please take photos from a distance as well as close-up picture. If there are more than one picture, please number them with a pen next to each close up. Somebody other than you should take these photographs because experience tells us that the images will be much better and in focus.

Dr Bataille will look at the photos of the skin rashes or lesion (s) that you sent before or  during the consultation. Bear in mind that Dr Bataille will not be able to look at skin rashes or lesions using the video during the remote consultation as the resolution will not be good enough on the video call. If Dr Bataille need to assess skin rashes or lesions, it is therefore important that you have sent your photos in advance. She will not be able to do a full mole check during a remote consultation or advise on lesions in sensitive areas such as the genitals using tele/video consultations. Please limit the number of skin lesions that Dr Bataille need to look at, at 2 per consultation. For rashes you are welcome to add as many as 4 pictures.

If Dr Bataille needs assess the photos after the consultation, she will send you a report with her recommendations. She will do her best to get back to you within 24 hours by email with a report. If you have not received it within that time, please email Megan, Dr Bataille’s secretary who will make sure it is sent to you.


Remote consultations are usually covered by all major insurance companies but you should always check with your Insurer and get authorisation beforehand.